Consulting – Expert Opinion – Assessment – Audit & Review Option

The Sit Down with Coffee Consultation

Without Dog Present

This relaxed consultation is for those seeking expert guidance, opinion and information.

1/2 Hour $ 35.00

Dog Assessment Consultation

With Dog Present

This non method Consultation is for those seeking expert opinion regarding the state of the current relationship with their dog.  This is also for those seeking certification letter that dog is in right relationship for Landlord / Apartment / Tenant situations

$ 50.00 without paperwork

$ 60.00 includes Certification Letter (Upon Positive Assessment)

Expert Opinion Audit and Review

This option is for those seeking expert audit and review with recommendations associated with various professional Dog Programs such as Police and Law Enforcement.  Also expert opinion relates to various incidents, legal etc.  This can be performed at the location of the Agency or Organization as required for proper assessment etc.

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