Flipping the Script

                                                                To some the truth is an insult, to others life from the dead.

– Gary Amirault


Establishing a proper foundation of understanding is critical and the first step with applying context regarding not only what unwanted behavior represents based on Dogs as Pack Animals but the problem as it relates to the application of learning / motivating response and Control as part of this Social Interplay and with how a Dog’s Decision Making Process is governed and influenced.  A helpful example which offers a foundation of understanding is the selfish child example I use often on my videos.  As a child becomes more and more selfish behavior issues increase as a result and manifest in various ways.  The Permissive parenting dynamic is helpful with understanding many of the dynamics within the dog and human interplay.

After considering the already selfish child example again consider a so called professional arriving to help the parent and in a very superficial way the person launches into motivating the child to respond for ( xbox game, used car for a out of control teenager etc) The child is directed to make their bed, pick up their toys, perhaps as a teenager get better grades etc ( The check list which based on appearances would lead the parent into assuming that the attitude / motives of the child / teenager is changing )  The Problem however is based on its superficial application without any depth, getting the parent to interact with the child in meaningful ways which translates in aligning with the right parenting style that advocates properly ( Authoritative )  The parent is very happy to adopt this superficial process based on their current attitude and parenting style however after a few days little Johnny is still just as selfish or with the teenager getting the car you get a call from the Police as your son / daughter was in a wreak and alcohol was involved.  You are left wondering what happened because based on appearances everything seemed to be moving ahead great.  The problem is that based on the superficial response process the child / teenager didn’t change at all but rather you were lead to believe so.  While Trainers immediate focus on motivating dogs to respond and go into various positions such as the sit, down, come and stay they fail to qualify the type of influence taking hold between dog and owner or whether the perceptions of the dog are actually changing the right way.  This common assumption is flawed based on the superficial application of learning via motivating dogs to respond this way.  More often than not owners are lead into a false belief that the relationship is moving forward in a positive direction even while the dog continues to hold control and unwanted behavior issues fail to diminish.  It is very common for trainers to make excuses and shift the blame onto the dog rather than auditing the process itself as the source of the problem.

Now take all of this and transfer it over to the process the majority of all dog trainers market and sell.  When you apply certain concepts such as counter conditioning consider the context of relationship, motives ,control, agreeableness and context.  When you consider why device bans are happening consider the “assumption” that all of these trainers have accepted within this superficial response focused process and the trap that Balanced Dog Trainers have put themselves in based on motivating dogs this way.  Force Free Trainers are stating “why do you need to use a negative if we all agree on this same “superficial process” and that behavior is changing the way we all assume that it is.  While Balanced Dog Trainers can be more successful with changing the perceptions of a dog the Balanced Dog Trainer process is still an open door not only for dogs to hold control but puts these trainers in a compromised position when coming up against the Force Free Agenda.  The dynamic with how this superficial process negatively impacts many but not others is based on what is happening beyond this process with the totality on how the individual is interacting in many ways within the relationship.  This dynamic often causes many trainers to be convinced of the validity of this flawed process and when it doesn’t align for many the blame shifting begins.  I understand these dynamics very well and would encourage you to consider this information.  Without a doubt the Dog Training World is experiencing tremendous problems and it is all a result of this inherently flawed process.

    This Interaction Based Approach follows the path of a proactive parent who invests properly with and interacts with a child in meaningful ways which the child is motivated to come into agreement with.  The role of influence is reconciled via specific interactions which, based on their proactive nature, reduces the level of conflict while changing the perceptions from dog to owner based on this social connection and how a dog’s decision making process is influenced at this level.  This interaction based approach is similar to a parent asking the selfish child to take the garbage out based on a reasonable interaction / demand on the roles / relationship.  Again consider how the majority of trainers would get that some selfish child to take out the garbage.   It understands going into a relationship problem where you are standing in the relationship at the very beginning while creating change in a very intentional way. Balanced Dog Trainers are basically walking in between two parenting styles, permissive and authoritative.  They are confused.  I want to be clear this very popular superficial process is a disaster waiting to happen for many.  These Trainers will not ask the tough questions they should have asked at the beginning and certainly are not going to now.  They expect dog owners to accept the blame when this process does not align and not question the process itself.  If you are a dog owner you need to question it.  Your dog’s life may depend on it.                 

This video series reveals the real problem within the dog training world via a flawed process that the majority of dog trainers, both Balanced and Force Free, promote.  If you are a dog owner I would encourage you to seriously consider this information as it could be the difference between keeping or giving up on your dog.  The fact is the majority of dog trainers are totally sold out to promoting this process and think the dog is the problem rather than the process when behavior issues fail to go away.  The videos I am using via the trainers selling this process are public and the information I am putting forward is very specific.

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