Master Trainer Dale McCluskey provides owners with a clear path to overcoming all their behavior issues and problems with this fully illustrated Training guide.

2nd Edition 2015 – Updated with Video Links

Fully illustrated. 141 pgs   –  Watch Video

$ 9.99 USD

Mind and Body Kinetics goes behind the scenes of how a dog’s decision making process is influenced while providing deep insight into the relational model and framework.  This guide connects the physical and relational dots for those seeking a clear path towards a mutually happy, balanced and rewarding relationship with their pack member.

2nd Edition – 2015 – Updated with video links

$ 9.99 USD

Trainer Dale McCluskey offers new and profound insight into the amazing connection dogs share with us which goes beyond appearances which in turn challenges the very fabric of the popular idea of what dog training represents.

$ 9.99  USD   –  Watch Video

This ground breaking training guide is guaranteed to become a valuable resource for those seeking to unleash the full potential of their K-9 partner and team.

$ 9.99 USD  – Watch Video

This guide provides the framework from which to build a drive based tracking standard for the K-9 team. This guide will provide insight into how to achieve the entire package without trading focus or speed. Regardless of your current level of training this illustrated step by step guide will encourage, motivate and challenge you to move to the next level of tracking.

$ 9.99 USD   –  Watch Video