Home Visit


The Home Visit Option is designed to help owners overcome all behavior issues and problems within their home environment.  Prior to the hands on part of the session some time is taken to answer questions and explain the pathway to creating meaningful change and lasting results.  From the very first session owners receive the basic framework to begin to advance the follower script.  Some of the behavior issues the Home Visit Option helps to resolve include:

House Breaking – A housebreaking issue often follows the path of becoming a relational problem.  Dogs will often go outside only to come inside and go again.  The home visit option provides the structure and script to begin to change this very frustrating issue.

Walking your dog on leash – The focus is on bringing your dog into the follower script so you can begin to enjoy walking your dog while interacting with other people and dogs.

Jumping –  During sessions owners are provided with specific methods to build the bridge towards their dog meeting and interacting with others in a calm and balanced state.

Excessive Barking – While we want our dog to alert us when someone is outside our home often this behavior begins to push beyond the boundary lines of the follower script and become annoying and excessive.  Owners are provided with the relational tools needed to bring barking behavior into normal parameters.

Aggression towards people, dogs and animals – This system of training provides the framework and script to bring any dog back from the edge.

Socialization – As relational change begins to take hold the follower script begins to expand to include other people, dogs, animals and situations.

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