This one of a kind system of training takes the lead when it comes to reliable, dependable and trustworthy protective dog training.   While there are 3 levels of training which represents the total package for protection the owner may only require level one based on their individual needs. Upon completion of Level 3 the owner receives free monthly maintenance training for the lifetime of the dog.

  The Approach

This unique system approaches protection training for what it really represents….A Relational Changing Process.  This process recognizes that the act of protection is about making sure the motives of the dog follow the proper path within the protective script.   This ensures that the owner has a high level of control and trust which makes for a great family dog even while having an outstanding protective ability.

 The Training Process

The Training process consists of 2 weeks onsite training and alternating 2 weeks at home.  The total anticipated training time to achieve level 3 protection is 3 months.

 The Dog

Training can be completed with a dog you currently own depending on the initial assessment.

  Lifetime Commitment

Dale McCluskey Dog Training provides lifetime commitment with free monthly maintenance training once level 3 has been achieved.

Level One

This stage of training creates the foundation for protection.  Upon completion of this level the dog will intimidate and bark on command at the target person.  This is established via the game of tug which is used to unleash the naturalistic drive of the dog.  This level focuses on building on associations / commands.  Speaking on command.  Introductory quarry agitation work.  During this stage the dog stays onsite for 14 days of intensive one on one training.

Level Two

Level Two Protection transitions the dog to the bite sleeve while unleashing the dog’s defense drive.  This stage represents a higher level of response, focus and control. During this stage the dog stays onsite for 14 days of intensive training.

Level Three

Level three transitions the dog from the exposed sleeve to the hidden sleeve and the full body bite suit.  This level consists of advanced role playing scenarios which establishes a reliable and dependable protection ability.  During this stage the dog stays onsite for 14 days.


$ 2000.00 per Level

Total Cost (Level 3)

$ 6000.00

Includes lifetime monthly onsite maintenance training

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