Q & A

Question:  What makes this system of training different than others ?

Answer:  This One of a Kind System is Interaction vs Learning Based.  While the majority of trainers, including Balanced, approach the process as a learning exercise this system shows why this is a problem for many based on a dog’s ability to continue to hold control based on motivating dogs to respond merely at this level.  While the picture at a response level (sit, down, come and stay) can look impressive initially based on appearances and assumptions it is very common for behavior issues to continue.  This system uses specific interactions to fade the owner into the relationship which allows the dog to release control which corresponds to resolving unwanted behavior.  When adopting the proper process everything is reconciled as a result including the role of influence, devices etc.   This system of training is very special and is one of a kind based on how it approaches the dog and human relationship.

Question:  Is this system positive reward based ?

Answer:  When you hear the words “positive reward” within the dog training world it is important to understand their context.  These words align with the very problematic learning narrative and with rewarding dogs within an assumed state of mind.  Once a dog has gained control then rewarding also becomes problematic based on what it represents to an owner who is currently being objectified.  This system helps the owner think differently as they interact in very specific ways.  The “positive” is the fact that dogs are not able to continue to hold control and that the stress load is lifting at the same time.  While the dog training community would suggest that anyone who approaches the process differently doesn’t care about dogs I would challenge that idea.  Those who approach training as a learning based exercise are leaving the door wide open for many dogs to continue to hold control even as they are going through the motions via response.  While you may feel really good based on rewarding your dog the reality often is very different based on the issues associated with learning.   I care about dogs and want owners to be successful and am very clear as to why I approach the process the way that I do.

Question:  What force is used on dogs within this system ?

Answer:  The role of influence is reconciled via specific interactions which the dog comes into agreement with based on its reasonableness (Proactive vs Reactive / Corrective).  The reasonableness of influence aligns with how you invest and interact with your dog.  How influence is applied by those who called themselves Balanced Dog Trainers often creates bad optics and raises more questions regarding the both the role of influence and process itself.  Those who consider themselves to be anti force trainers claim that influence is not required and you don’t need to interact certain ways or use certain tools to get a dog to “respond”.  Again the problem via the application of learning when applying a motivating agent for a dog already holding control is the issue.  While influence is a necessary ingredient (social) within the process (interaction based) it is not hurtful, harmful or unreasonable.

Question:  How much does training cost and how many sessions does it take to see results ?

Answer:  Within this system sessions are scheduled and completed as needed.  Typically is takes approx 3 sessions to experience good results which represent 3 weeks of training.  Session rates are listed on the fee page of this site.

Question:  Is training performed in a group or individual setting ?

Answer:  This system of training uses an individualized approach.  This allows for better results.

Question:  How long does a session last ?

Answer:  Sessions are approx 1 hour in duration.

Question:  What is the best option to get started ?

Answer:  I recommend a Home Visit Session to begin the process based on where you spend the most time with your dog.  If you are considering the board and training option I would recommend at least one Home Visit Session prior to moving forward with a Board and Training.

Question:  If I live beyond Central Florida do you still offer the Home Visit Option ?

Answer:  Absolutely yes.  Simply submit the online form with your address to receive the fee for your area.  Considering that you receive everything needed during the first session it can still be well worth the fee based on what this system of training can do for you and your dog.

Question:  What type of behavior issues does this system work to resolve ?

Answer:  All behavior issues and problems including aggression.  This one of a kind system offers unlimited potential and hope to all dogs and owners.

Question:  When should I begin training with my puppy ?

Answer:  Considering that behavior issues result from a relational problem the sooner the better.

Question:  What if I failed in the past using other methods are you still able to help ?

Answer:  Absolutely.  What makes this system of training special is that it represents new beginnings for dogs and their owners.

Question:  How do I schedule a session ?

Answer:  Simply phone 407-201-0678 or submit the contact form if you have any further questions about how this system of training can help you and your special pack member.  If you are interested in scheduling a session simply provide a possible date and time that works best for you and we can get started.